Spa Treatments

Milk & Honey Body Glow

Indulge yourself and "get your glow on" with this luxurious body treatment as your skin is exfoliated with natural sugar and honey polish. Next, a special blend of milk and honey moisturizers are lightly massaged into your skin leaving your skin silky smooth and glowing radiant! Say "hello" to radiant, smooth and hydrated!!
Duration: 45 min. Price: $85.00

Moroccan Rassoul

This extraordinary natural brown mud comes from the warm fertile valleys of Morocco. This body wrap delivers mineralizing, replenishing, rejuvenating and smoothing effects, while relieving fatigue and exhaustion, resulting in a feeling of ultimate renewal. Moroccan Rassoul is highly micronized; it has the capacity of absorbing 1.66 times its weight of water, releasing all of its minerals and energizing ions. A Moroccan past for a powerful and healthy present and future.
Duration: 60 min. Price: $98.00

Post Massage or Facial Body Firming Treatment

After relaxing with any one of our therapeutic massages or customized facials, add this fifteen minute service to tighten and brighten from your shoulders to your toes!
Duration: 15 min. Price: $45.00

Eye Treatment

Tired of tired, puffy eyes? Erase the years in just 15 minutes! This treatment will hydrate, brighten and tighten your eye area by sonically infusing Anti-Aging serum to reveal a brighter, more youthful you!
Duration: 15 min. Price: $33.00

Rain Drop

A powerful blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oil massaged into the feet and along the spine designed to balance the energy centers of the body and relax the muscles along the spine.
Duration: 60 min. Price: $115.00