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Massage therapy is proven to be successful in relieving many common, recurrent stress-related and physical ailments, such as migraine headaches, sciatica, upper and lower back pain and sinus pressure. If you would like to book standing appointments with us for any/all of your future massages, please let our Receptionist know.

Oasis Signature Massage

The Oasis recognizes that everyone has special needs. Our signature massage is customized to meet your needs and preferences utilizing Swedish, Deep tissue, Shiatsu, or a Combination. You will experience a sense of relaxation, a release of toxins, and an increase in circulation.

Duration :   45 min. Price :   70.00
Duration :   60 min. Price :   80.00
Duration : 75 min. Price :  105.00
Duration :   90 min. Price : 125.00
Duration : 120 min. Price : 175.00

Combination Massage

Your body will receive therapeutic benefits with the expertise of a therapeutic touch and the use of warm stones. The warm sensation penetrates the muscle, providing stress relief, muscle relief and relaxation.
Duration :   60 min. Price :   85.00
Duration :   90 min. Price : 135.00
Duration : 120 min. Price : 185.00

Couples Massage

Want a romantic getaway without leaving town? Or maybe a fun way to share the day with a friend? Now you can, with a massage for two at The Oasis Day Spa! During this massage you will both blissfully unwind together. Reconnect and revitalize together during this incredible massage for two.

Duration: 60 min Price: 160.00
Duration :90 min Price: 250.00

Back and Neck Massage

This relaxing treatment will relieve tight, sore muscles and restore natural energy. A heat compress brings radiant warmth where you need it most followed by a massage with essential oils to soothe sore muscles.
Duration :  30 min. Price :   55.00
Duration :  60 min. Price :   80.00
Duration :  90 min. Price : 125.00

Hand or Foot Reflexology

Take sometime to concentrate on the parts of your body that are neglected the most. This treatment focuses on pressure points to improve circulation and release stress. These areas correspond to specific glands, organs and other body parts.
Duration :   30 min. Price :   55.00
Duration :   60 min. Price :   80.00

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones enhance this therapeutic massage as they glide over the entire body, penetrating muscles and providing stress relief and relaxation.
Duration :  60 min. Price :   95.00
Duration :  90 min. Price : 145.00

Energy Balancing Massage

A combination of ancient techniques is used to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. It is a gentle touch therapy that helps restore energy flow throughout the body using modalities such as Reiki, Polarity, and Healing Touch. For additional information, please feel free to ask one of the massage therapists.
Duration : 30 min. Price : 55.00
Duration : 60 min. Price : 80.00
Duration : 90 min. Price : 125.00

Pregnancy Massage

This relaxing massage helps to relieve the stress that pregnancy can cause on weight-bearing joints and will alleviate the neck and back pain that so often occurs from pregnancy. With the expertise of our fully-trained massage therapists and the use of all natural, paraben-free ingredients, this treatment will be both relaxing and therapeutic for you and the life inside you.
Duration :  30 min. Price :   60.00
Duration :  60 min. Price :   85.00
Duration :  90 min. Price : 135.00

Scalp Massage

Take time on the part of your body that gets neglected the most, and let this relaxing but stimulating service provide you with stress and tension relief.
Duration : 15 min. Price : 30.00
Duration : 30 min. Price : 55.00

Sinus and Cold Relief Massage

This healing treatment relieves sinus pressure and headaches due to allergies or colds. Lymphatic and pressure point techniques are combined with an essential oil blend to open and drain blocked passageways.
Duration :   30 min. Price :   55.00
Duration :   45 min. Price :   70.00

Post Massage or Facial Body Firming Treatment

After relaxing with any one of our therapeutic massages, add this 15-minute service to tighten and brighten from your shoulders to your toes!

Duration : 15 min. Price : 38.00

Aromatherapy Massage Enhancement

One or more pure essential oils of your choice are combined with your massage lotion to enhance the subtle aroma of the air and aid in your relaxation and overall wellbeing. Aromatherapy Massage Enhancement can be added to any Massage.

Price : 10.00

Tranquility Sleep

Tranquility Sleep can be added to massages and facials.

Duration : 15-20 min Price : 25.00

You may upgrade any of our massages listed above to an Organic Massage, using only paraben-free, certified Organic ingredients
Price: 5.00

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