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Suite 7 - Mandeville, Louisiana 70471
Tel. : 985-624-6772

Cash is accepted for gratuity only.

9am - 5pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
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Massage Therapy
Mandeville | Covington


Best Massages for Mandeville & Covington
Massage Therapy
can Help Reduce Pain and Stress

Studies have shown that massage therapy is good for both your mind and body as "it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension." ( The massage therapists at The Oasis Day Spa in Mandeville know that regular massages not only reduce stress and pain, but massages also improve sleep, increase circulation, improves the ability to concentrate and increases energy levels.

If you'd like to schedule a massage and live or work in Mandeville, Covington, or the greater New Orleans area, stop by
The Oasis Day Spa
, voted "Best Day Spa on the Northshore"

If you would like to book standing appointments with us for any/all of your future massages, please let our Receptionist know.

Choose from any one of our massages including the Oasis Signature Massage, Combination Massage, Back and Neck Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Energy Balancing or Scalp Massage. If you've been experiencing sinus pain and pressure, you may want to schedule a Sinus and Cold Relief Massage.

We also take care of our New Orleans area "mommies-to-be" with our Pregnancy Massage.

"This relaxing massage helps to relieve the stress that pregnancy can cause on weight-bearing joints and will alleviate the neck and back pain that so often occurs from pregnancy. With the expertise of our fully-trained massage therapists and the use of all natural, paraben-free ingredients, this treatment will be both relaxing and therapeutic for you and the life inside you."

If you have been under a lot of stress and need some relief, or would like to try any one of our massages, visit or call The Oasis Day Spa and schedule an appointment to find out how massage therapy can benefit you.

View our comprehensive list of services, seasonal specials, or visit our gift certificate page today. Want to find out more? Just contact us!


"The Oasis is my home away from home. My getaway. I have been to many different spas and massage therapist over the past 30 years and the massage therapists at The Oasis are by far the best I ever had. I was immediately impressed that they wrote everything down in my chart so the next time I went they remembered exactly what my problems are, what I liked and what I didn’t. I’ve been going for over 4 years and not only do I have my husband going but also my parents and siblings. It’s great when I walk in and everyone knows who I am and wonderful that my therapist will give me every penny’s worth of a great massage. For my birthday, mother’s day, Christmas and anniversary all I ask for are gift certificates from The Oasis. Thanks Katherine!" - Mary

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